Technology Recommendations


Antivirus Software

Students are required to have antivirus software functioning and up to date on their computer.  If you are using Windows 10 as an Operating System, You have the Windows Defender  Anti-virus.

Office Suite Software

While you are a student at Messiah University, you also have free access to Microsoft's Office 365 cloud-based software suite.  You may also download and use the installable version of Microsoft Office 2016 (available via your student Office 365 account).  Please be aware, access to Office 365/Office 2016 is managed by Microsoft.  Once you are no longer a student at Messiah University, access to Office 365 and Office 2016 applications will be revoked by Microsoft.  If you currently have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, you may use that until it expires and then switch to Messiah’s student version.

Internet Browser

Mozilla Firefox is currently recommended and will maximize functionality within the Canvas LMS (Learning Management System).

Additional Software

Some courses will require additional software and/or hardware as it pertains to the instruction of the course. These additional requirements will be clearly spelled out in the course syllabi.