Technology Recommendations

Questions Frequently Asked by First Year Students:

Do I need to bring a computer to Messiah University?

Messiah University does not require students to bring their own computers. There are 13 labs on campus with over 250 computers available to students 24 hours a day. Note: Mac laptops are required for Art majors.  Mac laptops are recommended for Music majors.


What should I bring with me to connect to the network?

Wi-Fi is available in the residences and throughout most of the campus. If your computer has Wi-Fi built-in then you do not need to bring anything to connect to the network.

In each residence hall or campus apartment bedroom, there is only one live network jack. Students do need to provide their own network cables. This means that if two or more students in the same room wish to connect to the internet with a wired connection, they will need to have a ethernet hub. A limited number of hubs are available from ETS - Technology Support located on the first floor of Old Main.  A network cable is required for each PC (10-15ft is recommended) plus one to connect the hub to the live jack in the wall.

NOTICE: DO NOT bring a router (wireless or wired) as you will be prevented from connecting through one as routers tend to interfere with our network