Security Information

graphic Photo ID Required.

The Payroll Office, including the Student Employment function, requires employees to provide photo identification when visiting the Payroll Office or Student Employment Coordinator when submitting forms or inquiring about a payroll or employment assignment. This identification will generally be in the form of the Messiah-issued ID card or a government-issued ID card (such as a driver's license).

graphic Confirmation E-mail or Phone Call.

Individuals submitting documentation via campus mail may receive an e-mail message or a phone call from the Payroll Office to verify your identity.

graphic Security Questions.

When necessary, inquiries will be subject to one or more security questions, depending upon the content of the communication. We may ask you questions about information we have acquired from you, such as address or social security number. We may also ask you questions from the list of personalized questions and answers that you defined for us to use to confirm your identity.

All employees (and non-employees) should have defined several security questions and answers that we may use to confirm your identity. If you have not already done so, please take time to setup your personal questions and answers as follows. You may review and change your customized questions at anytime.

- enter
- search for and select "My Security Questions"
- login using your typical Messiah username and password
- follow the instructions on the screen