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Meet some of our graduates

Read about some of our former students’ experiences both on campus and in their professional careers. These stories give you a closer look at experiences as a nursing student at Messiah University and where your BSN degree can take you.

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  • Hanna Lazio-
    Hanna Lazio ’16 Alum begins work at Penn State Hershey Medical Center

    Hanna Lazio ’16 When Hanna Lazio ’16 was named valedictorian of her high school class of 800+ in Patchogue, New York, she applied to 14 colleges—many of them Ivy League—but the only Christian one of the group was Messiah.

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  • Nicole Hess-
    Nicole Hess ’13 Nurse volunteers in South Sudan

    Volunteering as a nurse through Eastern Mennonite Missions, Nicole Hess '13 traveled to a clinic in South Sudan. She spents her days with patients and played basketball with children in the evenings.

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  • Nicky Hess-
    Nicky Hess ’13 Shooting for success

    Recent grad Nicky Hess ’13 knows the importance of managing her time. After all, she spent her entire college career carefully balancing her two passions: nursing and basketball.

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  • Elizabeth "Betsy" (Caprio) Graham-
    Elizabeth "Betsy" (Caprio) Graham ’10 Son's adoption takes alumna overseas

    Elizabeth “Betsy” (Caprio) Graham ’10 and her husband Tom prayed for a child for four years. After two heartbreaking miscarriages, they had considered adoption but were still unsure. Then in 2014, they were stationed in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where Graham’s husband is an endodontist for the U.S. Army.

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  • David Ben-Avraham-
    David Ben-Avraham ’08 Building faith among 'peoples of the earth'

    While living in Israel, David Ben-Avraham (left) backpacked with friends along the Red Sea coast in Egypt, where he spend a few days with a nomadic Bedouin tribe. During his visit, he befriended a young Bedouin man over hot tea and a pipe.

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  • Josh Wethli-
    Josh Wethli ’06 Nursing alum returns to pursue teaching at Messiah

    During his time at Messiah College, Joshua Wethli ’06 majored in nursing with the hope of working in the field of healthcare. He was fond of close interaction with people, the breadth of opportunities, and of traveling abroad—all which would require essential skills from nursing.

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  • Kristen Slabaugh-
    Kristen Slabaugh ’05 Messiah alum and faculty works dual jobs to pursue her dream career

    From a Messiah student to a nursing faculty member and a professional advanced practice nurse, Slabaugh shows that with a passionate heart, there is no limit to what one can dream for their future.

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  • Ali Rae Chandra-
    Ali Rae Chandra ’05 Works on medical ship on African coast

    In February, CBS' "60 Minutes" aired a segment about Africa Mercy, the largest civilian hospital ship, which travels along the coast of West Africa to provide medical care to some of the poorest countries on the planet. This floating hospital includes 90 nurses, one of whom is Ali Rae (Wilks) Chandra '05. Since 2008, she has been volunteering full time aboard Africa Mercy through Mercy Ships, an organization that uses hospital ships to bring medical expertise and supplies to areas of the world that need it most.

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  • Holly Roush-
    Holly Roush ’96 Messiah nurse named VP at Penn State Health Medical Center

    Alum provides leadership to vascular and heart services

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