Drugs and Alcohol

The use of all illicit drugs (marijuana, cocaine, crack, hashish, etc.) and alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, wine coolers, malt beverages, etc.) are not permitted on the campus of Messiah University. However, use on college campuses is growing and this poses problems for both the safety of the students using these drugs and beverages, as well as the students who may have interactions with the users.

We at the Department of Safety do recognize that experimentation does occur and may be a once and done stint. However, there are others who may be experiencing extreme difficulties and know of no other positive coping mechanisms. If you are having difficulties with any relationship (parents, boy/girlfriend, roommate), stressed over school, money, or anything else, there are resources to help you deal with these issues. Below you will find a partial listing of resources within the surrounding area.

Long term use of alcohol has been linked to liver disease, heart enlargement, and certain types of cancer. Long term use of drugs include impaired cognitive, physiological, psychological, and psychomotor functions. In addition, to the previous effects death may occur due to D&A poisoning. All it would take would be one bad injection, an overly strong joint, a pure line of coke. Or, alcohol poisoning, which is too much alcohol in the bloodstream. Alcohol, a depressant, can cause the central nervous system to shut down, or cause possible long term liver damage.

Drugs and alcohol affect all aspects of a person's ability to perceive, and react to, situations that even when not under the influence are psychologically and physiologically taxing. Take driving a vehicle for instance; it sometimes seems like we drive on auto pilot. When sober, we must use our brain to observe, process, interpret, and then to consciously decide what to and what not to do. Then, the body must put those decisions into action. Drugs and alcohol alter all of our perceptions, cause us to distort reality, and depth perception is seriously compromised. Add to this that physiological movements are also impaired, anyone who is under the influence puts him/herself, as well as everyone utilizing the roadways, in peril.

Being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs places your own personal safety at risk, as well as those around you. Your inhibitions will be decreased and you may consent to behaviors that otherwise being sober you would not have made. Also be aware that others may utilize these substances to take advantage of your impaired state. Drugs and alcohol increases your risk for sexual assault, as well as sexually transmitted diseases associated with multiple partners.

Please, if you or someone you know has an abuse problem with drugs or alcohol, get help.


 Engle Center extension 6035
 Pennsylvania Substance Abuse Center  800-582-7746
 Holy Spirit Drug and Alcohol Services  766-8517
 Gaudenzia West Shore  766-8517
 Alcoholics Anonymous  234-5390 or 249-6773
 Narcotics anonymous 233-3733