Emergency Closure

General Information

In the event that weather conditions or other emergencies should cause the University to close or delay the workday, an announcement will be communicated on the University's:

  • Home page (
  • Emergency Information Hotline (717-691-6084).  (A recording will provide you with a date and time of the most recent message.)
  • Text Alert System

Employees involved in snow removal, facilities, campus events and dining should follow the instructions given by their respective supervisory staff.

Additional information on emergency closure policies can be reviewed in the Human Resources Employment Policies.

Essential Employees

Because the University strives to assure the appropriate care for all individuals within the Messiah community—employees, students, and guests—emergency procedures are initiated in the event of an emergency closure. Human Resources works with departments across campus annually to identify and confirm those positions and employees who need to provide essential services during an emergency. These services include, but are not limited to, activities such as snow removal, food preparation, health care, equipment maintenance, and other similar items. The University is grateful for employees who dedicate their resources to assisting the University in the event of an emergency.

Further information on the Emergency Closure policies can be reviewed in the Employee Policy and Procedure Manual. Additionally, individual departments who typically employ individuals responsible for providing essential services have emergency procedures documents available for training and review.