Field experience clearances


All graduate students enrolled in field experiences that include regular visits to public schools must process the three clearances mandated by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Students will need to be pro-active in applying for these clearances in a timely fashion to ensure they are cleared by the Graduate Program in Education office prior to the first day scheduled in the school.


ALL Students participating in any field experience MUST SECURE:

These clearances must be:

  • Processed within three months of the student’s start date in the program, OR
  • Less than a year old from the student’s start date in the program and accompanied by an email from the student’s place of employment indicating uninterrupted work for the duration of time since the processing of the clearances, OR
  • If the student will complete all of the required field experiences in his/her current school district, security clearances greater than one year old will be accepted if they are supplemented by an email from the director of human resources at the school district where the student is employed indicating that the student’s clearances are currently valid and will remain valid for the duration of the student’s time in the program.

Students will also need to provide evidence of a recent TB test. Generally, a TB test within the past year is accepted, but some districts require the test be within the past three months. Tuberculin skin testing is offered through the Engle Center for a fee.

Follow the step by step directions below to ensure that you have processed your clearances correctly.