Nondegree/Act 48 courses

Nondegree and Act 48 courses

Messiah University graduate coursework is an excellent option for you if you desire to take graduate-level coursework for personal enrichment or professional development but are not interested in pursuing a master's degree or certificate. Our non-degree graduate-level courses provide you with the resources to develop skills and abilities essential to your continued success and professional goals. Coursework is offered online and in intensive formats to provide convenience and flexibility. The amount of non-degree credits a student can take will depend on the specific program (between 9-15 credits). 

Students wishing to receive Act 48 credit for completed Messiah University courses must complete the Act 48 Credit Request Form at
Contact Bryanna Boone at with any questions.

Messiah University accepts non-degree students in all programs except counseling. The Admissions Office reviews and responds to applications on a rolling basis. For more information about non-degree admissions process and requirements follow this link or contact or the respective program director.

Graduate-level coursework in counseling may be a great option if you already possess a master's degree in counseling yet need additional coursework to satisfy initial state licensure regulations or continuing education requirements. The Messiah University Certificate in Advanced Graduate Studies (CAGS), consists of 12 graduate credits in counseling and can be customized to meet your state's regulations for licensure and your professional goals.

Graduate-level coursework in music is great option to expand your conducting and pedagogy skills. Messiah University offers a variety of graduate-level courses in music education and choral, orchestral, and wind conducting. You can apply as a non-degree seeking students any of the courses below.

MUMH 502 – Choral Literature

MUMH 503 – Orchestral Literature

MUMH 504 – Topics in Wind Literature

MUMH 506 – Topics in Choral Literature

MUMH 508 – Topics in Orchestral Literature

MUAP 501 – Applied Wind Conducting

MUAP 502 – Applied Choral Conducting

MUAP 503 – Applied Orchestral Conducting

For more information please contact Maranda Monroe,

Graduate-level coursework in nursing is an excellent option to expand your knowledge. Students can take up to 9 credits as a non-degree student as long as there is space available. You can apply as a non-degree seeking student in any of the courses below:

NURS 500- Health Informatics

NURS 501- Statistics for Evidence-based Practice

NURS 502- Nursing Research Design and Methodology

NURS 503- Advanced Pathophysiology

NURS 504- Advanced Pharmacology

NURS 505- Advanced Physical Assessment Across the Lifespan

NURS 506- Christian Philosophical & Ethical Foundations of Healthcare

NURS 620- Collaboration in Interprofessional Teams

NURS 621- Advanced Concepts in Health Promotion and Prevention

NURS 624- Epidemiological Principles in Family Nursing Practice

NURS 630- Principles of Clinical Genetics

NURS 631- Health Policy and Legal Aspects of Healthcare

NURS 640- Economics of Healthcare

For more information please contact Libby Hill,