Admissions Process for Graduate Students

Graduate programs admissions process

With the exception of the Doctor of Physical Therapy and Master of Occupational Therapy programs, Messiah University reviews and responds to applications on a rolling basis; however, we consider applications only when all materials have been received. The decision to admit a student is based on both quantitative and qualitative criteria that demonstrate that the applicant possesses:

  1. The motivation to successfully complete the program;
  2. The potential to contribute positively to their respective field;
  3. The desire to grow personally and professionally without impeding the progress of other students.

There are three types of admission offered to degree-seeking students:

Admitted students

An applicant who has fulfilled all admissions requirements and is offered admission, whether pursuing a master's degree, certificate or non-degree coursework is considered to be an admitted student and is granted full graduate status as described in the official letter of acceptance.

Provisionally admitted students

If you have submitted all graduate program application materials except official transcripts or letter(s) of reference (things out of your control) you may be provisionally admitted to Messiah University, pending Graduate Program Director approval. If your official transcripts have not arrived, you must submit an unofficial transcript for the institution. However, you must have completed all courses prior to beginning courses. If you are provisionally admitted, you will have one semester to submit all of the required admissions materials. You will not be eligible to register for a second semester until you have submitted the missing materials. Any request for an exception to this registration block must be submitted to the director of your graduate program. 

Conditionally admitted students

If your application does not meet our admissions criteria, but the director of your graduate program believes that you demonstrate the capability to successfully complete graduate courses, you may be admitted to Messiah University on a conditional admittance status. If you are conditionally admitted, you must satisfy the conditions of your admittance in order to continue in the program. The specific conditions and length of time permitted to meet the stated conditions will be detailed in a letter from the program director.

Defer acceptance

Admission to a graduate program is limited to the semester indicated on your application. If your plans change, you may defer acceptance for up to two semesters from the initial semester of acceptance, you may only defer once. If you defer, there is no guarantee that all coursework will be available upon enrollment. Therefore, students who are considering deferring acceptance are strongly encouraged to consult with the graduate program director regarding their plans. Some programs, such as Master of Occupational Therapy and Doctor of Physical Therapy, will not allow you to defer your acceptance.


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