Transfer credits

Transfer Credits

Messiah University welcomes transfer students

We want to make the process of transferring your eligible credits and enrolling at Messiah University as easy and seamless as possible, while maintaining the highest level of academic rigor and integrity. Transfer credit is credit earned for coursework completed at another institution and applied to meet requirements at Messiah University. Students may transfer graduate coursework from other institutions under the following conditions: 

  • The coursework must have been completed at a regionally accredited institution.
  • The credits are graduate level.
  • A minimum grade of a “B” was earned for each transferred course.
  • The courses must be completed within the last seven (7) years of matriculation into the degree or certificate program.  Some programs may have stricter requirements for transfer credits. 
  • Currently enrolled students who wish to take credits at another institution and transfer them to Messiah University must have written approval of the Program Director prior to starting coursework.
  • The credits are not among those that must be taken at Messiah University.
  • The number of credits transferred does not exceed the maximum allowed in the student’s program.
  • Only credits and courses are eligible for transfer.
  • Transfer credits are not eligible to meet requirements for 9-credit graduate certificates. A maximum of three (3) credits may be transferred to meet requirements for graduate certificates requiring more than 9 credits.

Note: Grades earned at the original institution are not calculated in the Messiah University grade point average.

A transfer credit chart with program exceptions/restrictions is available in the Graduate Catalog.

Students who wish to transfer credits must have an official transcript sent to the Messiah University Graduate Admissions Office and complete this form in order to request that a course or courses be approved for transfer credit. The program coordinator/director has the final authority on all transfer credit decisions. Transferred credits become part of the student's program of study and it is the student's responsibility to work with his/her advisor to carefully schedule remaining coursework.


For process/procedure questions regarding transfer credit contact Graduate Enrollment, at or (717) 796-5061.