Re-enrollment/Leave of absence

Re-enrollment process

We know that sometimes plans change and students have to take a leave of absence, medical leave, or withdraw from their studies. In many programs there are classes starting every eight weeks; this means that students can pick back up where they unexpectedly left.

Re-enrollment policy

Students who have withdrawn from the University (not enrolled in at least one course at Messiah University during the past semester - fall, spring or summer) must file an application for re-enrollment with the Office of Graduate Enrollment at least twenty (20) days prior to the beginning of the semester for which re-enrollment is being sought. Students who are granted a leave of absence will be considered withdrawn if they do not enroll in at least one course at Messiah University during the semester following their leave of absence or medical leave.

Students applying for re-enrollment who have earned graduate credits at another institution since their most recent enrollment at Messiah University, and who want those courses to be considered as transfer credits and/or for enrollment decisions, must submit transcripts from each institution attended before a re-enrollment decision can be made.

To be eligible for re-enrollment, applicants must be in good standing with the University and the academic program must have the capacity to accept additional students. Additional conditions of re-enrollment may be imposed by the specific graduate program for which the applicant seeks re-enrollment.

Leave of absence

If you do not register to take any courses in a particular semester (fall, spring or summer) but plan to take one (or more) the following semester, you will be eligible for a one-semester leave of absence. In order to be granted the leave, please communicate your plans to the University by completing a notification of leave of absence form, available on FalconLink (search for Graduate Notification for Leave of Absence/Withdrawal). You are responsible for understanding the implications of a leave of absence on financial aid, as well as registering for appropriate future course work. Please note that you will be withdrawn from the University if you do not register for a course in the semester following your leave.

Re-admission policy

Students who have not been enrolled in courses at Messiah University for two years or more must re-apply for admission to the graduate program by completing the full application required of the requested program.