Music and Art Living Learning Community

Messiah University Music and Art Living Learning Community (LLC) 

The Music and Art LLC is for first-year students who have declared Music or Art as a major. Members of the LLC live with a heavy concentration of music and visual artists where they can build close relationships, enjoy shared experiences with other like-minded people, utilize accountability structures for study and practice, and promote the personal and professional success of everyone involved.   The Music and Art LLC is a unique collaboration between Residence Life, the Department of Music and Art Department.  

Three Main Components  

Common Living  

Students in the Performing arts LLC will live on the same floor as other music and art majors. This close proximity is designed to encourage interaction on a daily basis, create  support groups within the major, and develop collaborative relationships in and out fo the classroom.    

Common Courses  

Each student in the LLC will take several common courses each semester (within their descipline). Similarity in schedules facilitates study groups as well as general academic support. Each member will also have access to guest artists, student performances, student exhibits, guest clinicians, and other events supported by the School of Arts, Culture and Society.  

Common Experiences   

Students living in the Music and Art LLC will have the opportunity to share a variety of experiences that allow for a significant immersion in the arts.  Activities will range from attending performances, to meeting with specific Music Faculty Members for presentations throughout the year.

Those Who Join Commit to the Following:  

- Take MUSI 001 Concert Attendance  
- The Music Major Welcome Event in September in the High Center  
- Attendance at Special Performance Class Presentations in Fall and Spring 
- Attendance at specified Performing Arts Series Events
- Willingness to participate in a mentor program through the sophomore year 

Learning Outcomes  As a result of living in the Music and Art LLC, students will be able to:  

Interact with Faculty in formal and informal settings  
Collaborate with peers in study and performance  
Network with colleagues for academic support and growth    
Enjoy the support of other like-minded students in the residence hall  
Achieve a sense of belonging within the major, department, and school  
Transition into the sophomore year with a strong support group  
Serve to mentor the next class of First-year Music and Art Majors