Tax revenue

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Generating revenue to support government services

Although colleges are not-for-profit institutions and are therefore exempt from paying most taxes, they produce economic activity that does have an effect on local and state tax revenues. Messiah University’s annual operations and capital investments generate income, sales and business taxes for the Pennsylvania government. Further, its alumni generate tax revenues through their additional earnings and through their spending within the state economy.

It is estimated that Messiah University’s economic activity generates $6 million each year in tax revenues for the state of Pennsylvania to support important public services. Above and beyond these state revenues, this activity also grows the tax base for local municipalities. (Source: EConsult Soultions Economic Impact Report)

Specific examples of additional direct tax, fees and public service contributions from Messiah University are listed below:

Tax revenue and contributions (FY17)

  • Amount of municipal tax paid to township and surrounding counties by Messiah employees = $69,382.50
  • Amount of payroll and income tax paid to state and local governments = $1.97 million
  • Real estate taxes paid = $97,017
  • FY2017 project/permit fees paid directly the University = $4,023
  • Direct financial contributions to township and first response agencies =$27,270