Annual operations

Students inside the Union

Impact from annual operations

The largest way an institution of higher learning is an economic engine is through its annual operations, which support a significant amount of direct employment and direct procurement of goods and services and which then has a large multiplier effect in its community and throughout the region. Messiah’s annual operating budget for FY 2017 was $93 million. The majority of these expenditures ($58 million) are salary and wages for its more than 900 employees, who recirculate these dollars in the state economy in the form of household spending. The remaining $35 million is spent on goods and services, supporting suppliers across a range of sectors. The total economic impact of Messiah University’s annual operations on the Pennsylvania economy is about $180 million, supporting 1,340 jobs and $82 million in earnings(Source: EConsult Soultions Economic Impact Report)

Direct Output

$93 million

Indirect & Induced Output

$87 million

Total Impact

$180 million

Employment Supported

1,340 jobs


$82 million