Ancillary spending

Ancillary spending

Impact from ancillary spending

Colleges and universities also stimulate their local economies by bringing students and visitors (and their spending) into the region. While most Messiah students live on campus, they frequent local businesses in sectors like food, retail and entertainment. Messiah’s graduate programs also bring students to live (and shop) in the region for extended periods. In addition, the university attracts thousands of out of state visitors each year for events like commencement, family and homecoming weekends, and prospective student visits and events, all of which support the local hospitality industry.

Each year, students and visitors drawn into the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by Messiah University spend an estimated $14 million off campus, of which $7 million is locally purchased and sourced. The economic impact of this ancillary student and visitor spending is approximately $12 million, supporting about 130 jobs and $3 million in labor income. (Source: EConsult Soultions Economic Impact Report)


Direct Output

$7 million

Indirect & Induced Output

$5 million

Total Impact

$12 million

Employment Supported

130 jobs


$3 million