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Messiah University web pages are maintained by many departments and organizations across campus and are frequently updated and improved. New content is added as it becomes available. Although we attempt to keep information on the Messiah University website as accurate as possible, the accuracy of the information provided across the entire site is not guaranteed.

For general information about Messiah's website, please contact the web services team via our web help form.

All parties providing content on the Messiah University website warrant that the copying, distribution and use of such content does not violate any other party's proprietary rights. It is the responsibility of Messiah University to investigate all complaints concerning materials hosted on the Messiah University website and to notify offending parties to remove the material if it is found to violate local, state or federal law or Messiah University policies.


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The Messiah University website is provided for the educational and University-related use of our students, faculty and staff. All images, graphics, text, seals, logos and wordmarks used on official Messiah University pages are protected by copyright or trademark. They may not be reproduced in any electronic or written medium without the prior consent of Messiah University.

Personal sites

Any personal employee, student, and student group sites found on the Messiah University web servers are the sole responsibility of the users who make that information publicly available. Any personal site pages and the opinions or information contained therein, as well as any pages linked from the Messiah University website, are the creation of the person or persons maintaining the pages and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Messiah University.

Concerns regarding objectionable material posted by students should be directed to the Associate Dean of Students, who is responsible to review the material to determine if it violates Messiah University standards.  If the material is found to violate University standards, the Associate Dean of Students will notify the student to remove the material within 24 hours.  If the material is not removed, the Associate Dean of Students will direct Information Technology Services (ITS) to disable the student’s Internet access and may pursue appropriate disciplinary procedures.