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Photography, Video & Audio Policies


Digital image archive

  • The web team provides a rich digital image archive consisting of thousands of proprietary, low resolution Messiah photos. These images are copyrighted for the sole purpose of promoting Messiah University. Subjects shown in these images also have signed the necessary releases that permit this type of use. Use of these images for any other purpose violates both the copyright and release agreements and, therefore, is strictly prohibited.

  • Anyone who maintains a website on or creates a university-related digital presentation is permitted to use the images in the digital image archive for these purposes.

  • Images may be cropped, tilted, and color-corrected but may not be altered in other ways.

  • Images in the digital image archive are low resolution images which are not suitable for printed communications. (High resolution images necessary for proper quality reproduction in print communications are not available for general use.)

  • Learn more about the digital image archive

  • To request access to the digital image archive please contact us via our web help form at


  • The web team does not provide video capture or editing services for websites.

  • Contact Information Technology Services (ITS) for information and assistance with video capture and editing.


  • The web team does not provide audio capture or editing services for websites but does provide some helpful tips and information about posting audio content on Messiah’s website.

  • Contact Information Technology Services (ITS) for information and assistance with audio capture and editing.

Audio, Video, Photography Consent / Permissions

  • Anyone capturing photos, video or audio that will appear /be used on a Messiah University website or in a digital presentation for / that represents the University must have signed permission from the subject(s) that appear in the photos/video/audio. If the subject(s) are minors under the age of 18, a parent’s or guardian’s permission is required.

  • Signed permissions /releases must be kept on file by the office or department for whom the photos/video/audio have been captured.

  • Download a PDF of the release form