File naming conventions

File naming conventions

When managing digital files, especially those intended for use on the web, it's important to follow best practices for naming. One key rule is to avoid using spaces in file names. Spaces can cause a range of issues, particularly when files are uploaded to a website. When a file name with spaces is used in a URL, the spaces are often encoded as %20 or replaced with '+'. This can lead to confusion and broken links. For example, a file named my image.jpg might appear in the URL as my%20image.jpg or my+image.jpg.

Problematic URL: Summer Holiday Photo.jpg
Correct URL: Summer-Holiday-Photo.jpg 

Problematic URL: Company Logo 2023.png
Correct URL: Company-Logo-2023.png 

Problematic URL: Project Report Final.docx
Correct URL: Project-Report-Final.docx