Central Receiving

Central ReceivingMan in Central Receiving

  • Procure and stock parts needed for the efficient operation of the Facility Services department.
  • Central Receiving/Inventory department consists of 1 full time employee with assistance provided from the Grounds Department. Central Receiving receives packages delivered by DHL.
  • Central Receiving/Inventory receives the majority of all the deliveries by the freight companies for campus.
  • Central Receiving/Inventory is responsible for checking in the packages received and then delivering them to receiving rooms on campus. 
  • Central Receiving/Inventory also compares prices in order to get the best products at the lowest cost and keeping inventory at a minimum without running out of parts required to perform daily work.

Stoney Miller

Central Receiving, Shipping, and Inventory Control Coordinator




When ordering items, the shipper needs to clearly indicate the recipient’s name and unit or suite number.  Items addressed to Messiah University with no recipient name will be returned to the shipper if attempts to locate the recipient are not      successful.  Items can be picked up between 7:30am and 4pm on weekdays at central receiving in the Lenhert Building. 

University identification is required.

Central receiving is not responsible for packages left after 30 days in the Central Receiving Department.  Please pick up packages promptly.

Faculty and staff expecting packages please check in your receiving rooms or with your cluster secretaries before calling Central Receiving at X3520.

Delivery of Large Items to Campus


When ordering large items or a large quantity of items to be delivered at the University, please notify Central Receiving on X3520 well in advance of the expected date of delivery and the location to which these items will be delivered.