Application Information


  1. Students are generally eligible after the successful completion of 75 credit hours.
  2. Successful completion of the following prerequisite courses:
    • One year of economics, both micro and macro elements 
    • One course in accounting or finance
    • One course in management          
    • One course in marketing
    • Completion of EXP010 (Messiah students)

            Note: these may be adjusted in consultation with the Managing Director of IBI.


  Messiah students taking Global Business Strategy (IBI 390) course AND completing all four courses will have the opportunity to fulfill ELI and Cross-Cultural requirements.  Additionally, Messiah students can earn a minor in International Business if all four courses are completed.  

Non-Messiah students should create an account and register through this link:

Application Instructions: 

Create an account on





Step 1- Complete new user registration/Non-Messiah login/register

  • Choose I do not have login credentials to this site, click on submit
  • Choose I am at a US institution, click on submit
  • Create a new account, click on submit, retrieve your temp password
  • Retrieve temp password link and choose I have login credentials that I have received.  Log in with temporary password.
  • Choose your security questions and finish the creation of your account.




  1. Application Form (online)
  2. Follow instructions for signature verification

Step 2 - Complete the application online at:




STEP THREE – Acceptance!


1.  Deposit


 Step 3 - Submit your $500.00 deposit and begin completing additional forms online. 

Deposit payments:

1) Messiah students - you can drop off a check made payable to IBI in Frey 122.

2) Non-Messiah studnets - please send your deposit check to:  IBI Office, Messiah University, One University Avenue, Suite 3042, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.



Please give the IBI office a call at (717) 796-5364 if you have any questions or need help with completion of your application! 


Non-Messiah students are encouraged to contact their campus advisor or the IBI office at