"IBI has been the most incredible experience of my life.  I have learned more about business and economics than in any other experience.  I’ve learned to challenge myself and to ask difficult questions about the world in which we live.  As a result of that, I have grown spiritually and have developed a worldview based on faith and experience.  Along the way I had more fun than any summer, made new relationships, and experienced life as it was meant to be lived. "

"IBI has truly helped me feel as though I can take on the global business world.  From corporate visits to watching economic documentaries, I know I could hold my own in any discussion regarding those things today.  I have grown as a leader, an individual, and business minded student.  The tools I now possess have equipped me with the capability to take on any job interview that may come my way. "

"IBI is completely worth the price tag, extreme exhaustion, long travel days, living out of a suitcase, and giving up your summer.  I’d do it all over again if I could.  The program is such an awesome and unique way to experience all the world has to offer with an academic and Christian perspective."

"IBI is an experience which takes you to so many amazing places.  You make many new friendships and learn a great deal about business and about yourself.  It is tiring, and rigorous, so don’t come if you expect a 10 week vacation!  The work is worth it, though.  You learn about global business while you travel the globe.  It will cause you to think a lot about your future and where you see yourself in the world. "

"IBI is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the world from all angles and become connected to an energetic, hopeful, successful group of peers.  My world view has grown exponentially and my life decisions will now be made from a new, more mature perspective. "

"IBI is an experience that you will change from - you will not leave the program with the close mindedness of American & American business.  Your eyes will see things that will impact you forever.  God will use this to work in your life.  You will be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. "

"IBI enhances each student on a personal, academic, and global level.  Visiting global corporations, travelling to European and Asian countries, truly allows each student to gain a more global mindset, which is imperative with the continuing spread of globalization.  This program allows students to form incredible friendships and make lifetime memories."

"IBI is an experience unlike any other.  It breaks your mind set and attitude and molds it into one of flexibility and understanding of the world around you.  It changes the way you view people, cultures, food and even yourself.  IBI gives you the chance to understand global business and how other cultures view it.  When looking back at my experience, the only phrase that can come close to describing it would be a life changing opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, and globally.”

"IBI is not for the weak or weary but for the adventurous student who wants to experience what they have been studying.  Twenty cities in 13 countries over 10 weeks leads to a summer of personal and academic growth.  There will never be another opportunity to combine faith and business with a global perspective.  IBI is what you make it, so utilize every chance to grow as a student, a person and most importantly a Christian."

"IBI provided priceless experiences that I could have never had from a typical college education.  IBI pushed me to physical, mental, and spiritual extremes.  I would highly recommend IBI to anyone desiring a more complete understanding of business and the world.  I am very thankful for the impact that IBI has had on my views on culture, business, people, and the world. "