Course Descriptions

Ibi 2014 15 1

Comparative Economic Systems - IBI 331:

A survey of the major economic systems, including the underlying ideological foundations and institutional arrangements. The major theoretical aspects of various types of systems are covered in terms of political economy and their central organizational features. Special attention is given to changes and developments in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The European Union is covered in depth along with the major Asian economies of China and Japan. (Pre-requisite: Introductory Economics)

International Trade and Finance - IBI 350:

A survey of the analytical and institutional aspects of international trade and finance. The historical and contextual elements are the foundation for the examination of current theoretical and empirical approaches to international economic and financial relations. Major areas of emphasis include international finance, international trade, and regional economic integration. Special attention is also given to the issues of globalization and the problems of economic development. (Pre-requisite:  Introductory Economics)

Global Marketing - IBI 339:

The theory and practice of contemporary global marketing management. The context or environment of international marketing management is covered along with the task of marketing within a variety of national and cultural markets. Major topic areas included in this course are: the global marketing environment; global market research, including market entry and product planning; marketing strategy in a global context. Assigned projects will involve students in global marketing research and analysis and well as case studies.  (Pre-requisite: Principles of Marketing)

Global Business Strategy - IBI 390:

This course is intended to integrate the field experiences and presentations by guest faculty and practitioners in the area of international business management with the reading and academic work including the recent developments and literature in this field. Students will be expected to prepare analytical reports on the various firms and institutions visited on the field seminar. Major topics covered in this course include: the role of the multinational firm in the global economy; international and global business strategy; cultural adaptation and organizational behavior in the global firm. The discussion of ethical values and issues in global management will also be included in this course as well as in the other courses. (Pre-requisite:  Principles of Management)