Your First Day

New Employee

The following are some questions you may have regarding your first day:

What should I bring?

On your first day, please bring the following documents and information with you: unexpired US passport OR Your driver's license, with a supporting document of either your social security card, or a birth certificate. Originals only please. A voided check for payroll.

Where should I report?

Please report to the department or offices where you were interviewed. Your hiring supervisor will inform you if you should report to a different location.

Where should I park?

When you arrive on campus, please park your car in a designated visitor parking space. You will find many visitor parking spaces located between the Old Main Building and the Eisenhower Campus Center. Please continue to park in visitor parking until your vehicle is registered and you receive a parking pass and lot registration. Human Resources will be happy to walk you through this process.

Where may I eat lunch?

There are numerous employee break rooms throughout our campus; please ask someone in your department where your department's break room is located. The Falcon Express (Eisenhower Campus Center) is open to employees and visitors. You are also welcome to eat in the Union Cafe (Larsen Student Union) or Lottie Nelson Dining Hall (Eisenhower Campus Center).

Are there things I should do in the first week?

You will be asked to visit the Office of Human Resources & Compliance, typically on your first day. Your supervisor will have made an appointment for you beforehand. You will have an opportunity to meet with our Benefits Manager during this appointment.

  • Visit the the Falcon Exchange Office to have your photo taken and an ID card made for you.
  • Pick up your keys. Your supervisor or the administrative assistant in your department will have requested these for you and will be able to assist you in that process.
  • Fill out car registration form and return to the Parking Officer (Safety).
  • Attend training sessions that may be required by your department.