Performance Management

What is the formal appraisal process?

  • 45-Day Check-in from HR
    • HR contacts the new hire directly
    • Checks that the employee feels welcomed, trained and prepared for success
    • The supervisor does not need to complete a formal appraisal until the 90-day Review, but is encouraged to reach out to HR with any questions or concerns 
  • 90-Day Review at the end of the probationary period
    • Supervisor meets with new hire
    • Evaluates the employee in terms of fit with the position and the University
    • Evaluates the employee’s potential for future success in the role
    • Employees that have transferred to another area or taken on significant new responsibilities also should receive a 90-day Review
  • Annual Performance Appraisal
    • Self-evaluation component and supervisor appraisal
    • Operations conducts their reviews on the anniversary of hire date
    • All other reviews are due on June 15 or before the employee leaves for summer break (unless alternative arrangements have been made with HR)
    • Standardized forms available for staff and administrative employees
    • Many divisions have customized review templates

Preparing for the annual performance appraisal:

  • Complete the self-evaluation provided by your supervisor
    • Include specific examples of performance highlights
    • Consider areas of performance for which you’d like additional feedback or guidance
  • Be prepared to discuss performance goals for the upcoming year

For additional questions regarding performance feedback please contact our team.