Employee Forms

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Current Employees:

Background Check Memo 07/2020 PDF
Employee Personal Information Change Form 09/2020 Word
Personnel File Review Request 09/2020 Word
Employee Grievance Procedure 09/2020 Word
Resignation Notice 09/2020 Word
Employee Departure Checklist 02/2022 Word
Referral Bonus: Referral Bonus 08/2022 Word
Employee Recognition Forms: Pride in Performance Nomination Form 02/2022 Qualtrics
President's Award Nomination Form 02/2022 Qualtrics
Team Falcon Award 02/2022 Qualtrics
Road to Reconciliation Award 02/2022 Qualtrics
Performance Appraisal
[OPTION 1] Performance Appraisal - Form 06/2021 Dynamic Forms
[OPTION 1] Performance Appraisal - Instructions 06/2021 PDF
[OPTION 1] Performance Appraisal - Presentation 06/2021 PDF
[OPTION 1] Performance Appraisal - Sample Blank Form 06/2021 PDF
[OPTION 2] Performance Appraisal - ALTERNATE FORM 05/2022 Word



Leave Forms:
Personal Leave 09/2020 Word
Family/Medical Leave 09/2020 Word
Paternity Leave 09/2020 Word
Guardian (Short-Term Disability) Leave Request (contact Benefits Manager) <none> <none>
Missions/Service Leave 09/2020 Word
Military Service Leave 09/2020 Word