Captain's Meetings

What are Captain's Meetings?

Captain's Meetings are an opportunity for the Rec. Sports Staff to review important rules, policies, and procedures with team captains or representative before a sport season begins. These meetings are mandatory and each team must be represented by at least one member. During these meetings, teams will receive their schedules as well as pay their registration fee. Usually we will meet on the designated day at 5 PM in Larsen Student Union Room 207 (at the end of the hall past the Rec. Sports Office). If the time or location is changed, the office will notify captains. As always, captains are encouraged to ask questions and provide feedback at all meetings!


Here is what you can expect to encounter at a Captain's Meeting:


  • a review of Captain's responsibilities (listed below)
  • a review of Sport Rules with an emphasis placed on new or changed rules
  • a review of the ID/Eligibility Policy
  • an emphasis on the Sportsmanship Policy/ highlight of our Ejection Policy
  • staff will indicate which players still need to submit Waiver forms
  • registration fees will be collected
  • team schedules will be distributed
  • questions/comments will be addressed
  • will generally last approximately 30 minutes




  1. Organize and register team by the posted deadline.
  2. Attend Captain's Meeting, or appoint a representative from the team.
  3. Inform all team members of rules, policies, and schedules.
  4. Encourage and enforce good sportsmanship during play.
  5. Determine eligibility of team members.
  6. Address staff and officials regarding decisions in a respectful manner.
  7. Provide positive or negative feedback to the Rec. Sports Office.


Thank you for taking the initiative to be a team captain! We hope this experience promotes positive growth and development of your faith and character. Please take your role as captain seriously.