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Branding & Social Media

When utilized correctly, social media can be a strategic part of your job search.  The following platforms each offer a unique way to connect professionally with others:

  • LINKEDIN - The most popular, international networking resource! Utilize LinkedIn to connect professionally with others in your field of interest, join professional groups (including the Messiah College Professional Network), follow companies, and search for jobs. 
  • TWITTER - access a wealth of information from industry experts in your field; follow companies of interest.
  • FACEBOOK- Facebook is often seen as being more personal in nature but can be used for job search purposes. Reach out to friends, family, and other connections to let them know you are searching and provide updates on your search. As always, make sure your content is clean and professional in nature - no inappropriate photos, language, shares, or comments should be on your page. If you want to keep you page purely personal, a recommendation is to keep your security settings private.

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