Spring-Start Students

FAQs - Spring-start Students

Spring-start students are those new and transfer students who begin their time at Messiah in the middle of the academic year.

We accept both new and transfer students for spring start. International students are also welcome to apply for spring semester admission.

Spring semester starts in early January. Check out our academic calendar for more details.

We offer one comprehensive winter orientation program because we believe this will help you not only transition to Messiah University but provide a solid foundation for your entire Messiah experience (from getting acquainted with campus to meeting new people/lifelong friends). Transitioning to a new school can be challenging, especially mid-year. We want to give students as many opportunities as possible for a successful transition.

We will need your final high school transcript along with any/all college transcript(s) showing completed coursework. If you have not yet finished your first semester, we will review your application file without your college transcript. If you have completed your first semester, we need to have the official transcript of your grades.