Local Shopping

Shopping Directions

The area surrounding Messiah University is packed with great places to shop and dine. Carlisle Pike in Mechanicsburg is a mere 15 minute drive from campus and offers a wide variety of stores and restaurants.

Grocery Stores

Weis (2150 Bumble Bee Hollow Road):

  • Turn Right onto W. Lisburn Road
  • Turn Left onto Bumblebee Hollow
  • Before the light Weis is on the left.

Giant (255 Cumberland Parkway):

  • Turn LEFT onto W LISBURN RD
  • Merge onto US-15 N toward HARRISBURG
  • Take the Winding Hill/Cumberland Parkway Exit.
  • At the next THREE lights turn right
  • At the fourth light go straight into the GIANT parking lot.

Directions to Carlisle Pike

  • Going out of campus, past Grantham Church:
  • Turn LEFT onto W LISBURN RD  -  0.5 mi
  • Merge onto US-15 N toward HARRISBURG  -  6.2 mi
  • Merge onto PA-581 W/HARRISBURG EXPY toward CARLISLE  -  3.0 mi
  • Take the US-11/CARLISLE PIKE exit, EXIT 3  -  0.6 mi
  • Follow the exit ramp to the traffic light.
    At this light, there are THREE options:
    1. Going STRAIGHT will take you into a shopping complex which includes:

      • Carrabba’s Italian Grill
      • Outback Steakhouse
      • T.J. Maxx
    2. Turning RIGHT will take you West on Carlisle Pike to:

      • Denny’s
      • TGI Fridays
      • Lowes
      • McDonald’s
      • Kmart
      • Staples
      • Home Depot
      • Dick’s Sporting Goods
      • Ollie’s Bargain Outlet
      • Applebee’s
      • Wendy’s
      • A Shopping Complex (6416 Carlisle Pike) with:
        • Chick-fil-A
        • Best Buy
        • Office Max
        • Ross
        • Bed, Bath & Beyond
        • Ulta
        • Wegman’s
        • Panera Bread
        • Target
        • Kohls
        • Sweet Frog
      • A Shopping Complex (6520 Carlisle Pike) with:
        • Taco Bell
        • Wal-Mart
        • Silver Spring Diner (open 24 hours)
        • A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts
        • Marshalls
        • Subway
        • A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts
      • Just past the next traffic light there will be a Shopping Complex with:
        • Red Robin
        • McDonalds
        • Hallmark
        • Dots
        • Giant
        • Arby’s
      • At the intersection of this traffic light there is:
        • Olive Garden
        • KFC
    3. To head back to campus from here:

      • Going east on Carlisle Pike, turn left at the traffic light (KFC will be on your right as you turn)
      • Turn LEFT onto HOGESTOWN RD/PA-114. Continue to follow PA-114.
      • Turn LEFT onto W MAIN ST/PA-114/PA-641.
      • Turn RIGHT onto S MARKET ST/PA-114.
      • Merge onto US-15 S toward GETTYSBURG.
      • Take the LISBURN RD exit.
      • Turn LEFT onto W LISBURN RD.
    4. Turning LEFT will take you East on Carlisle Pike to:

      • Tuesday Morning
      • CVS
      • Rite Aid
      • Community Aid (thrift store) - 4833 Carlisle Pike
      • A Shopping Complex with (4810 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg):
        • Karns Foods
        • Good Will
        • UPS Store (with USPS services)
        • Dollar Tree
        • Five Guys
        • Red Lobster

        Going west, you will eventually reach Camp Hill,
        and the intersection of Carlisle Pike and US-15

        At this intersection there will be:

        • CVS
        • Eckerd
        • Friendly’s Restaurant

        To head back to campus from here:

        Keep straight on Lisburn Rd. until you reach the entrance on the right.

        • Turn LEFT onto US-15 S
        • Take the LISBURN RD exit.
        • Turn LEFT onto W LISBURN RD.