On‐Line Refund Request

OnLine Refund Request

Please follow these steps to submit a refund request from your Messiah University Student Account:

1) Log-on to FALCONlink.

2) Type "Refund" in the search bar.

3) Select "Request Student Refund".

4) Fill out the form.

Note that direct deposit is only available to students who have been employed by Messiah University or they have completed the Direct Deposit Authorization Form. 

The link for the "Direct Deposit Authorization Form" is on the Request Student Refund page, a copy of page is listed below.

Refund screen 1


A) Enter the "Amount to Refund".
B) Choose "Yes" or "No" in the "Use direct - deposit? "

  •   If yes, and your bank information is in the university system, you do NOT need to enter address information.
  •   If no, you must enter payee and address information.

C) Enter "Payee Name".

  •   Refunds can be sent to the student (self), mother, father, or spouse.

6) After entering all required information, select Submit.
7) The next screen shows all the information you just entered. Please review for accuracy.
8) If all the information is correct, select Send Request. If any information is incorrect, select Edit.
9) Student Financial Services will email your Messiah University email account with a Student Refund Request
confirmation. This will tell you if your request was approved or denied. If denied, a reason for the denial will be given.

Please allow up to approximately one and a half (1.5) weeks for direct deposit and up to three (3) weeks for paper checks in the mail. If you have any questions regarding this
process, please call Student Financial Services at 1.717.691.6004 or email