Academics in Action

Academics in Action at Messiah College

Messiah College's impressive community of students, educators and alumni best demonstrates how Messiah is contributing to a wide range of academic disciplines and conversations on faith and the broader culture.

By reading these profiles, we hope you are inspired to imagine yourself as a student at Messiah, learning and flourishing as you engage new ideas and perspectives and truly mature your intellect, character and Christian faith.

Zach Gibson, an alumni, wearing gloves and a stethoscope.

Zach Gibson '15

Biochemistry major and student EMT

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Johnathan Hershey and John Boehner standing in front of the American flag

Johnathan Hershey '15

Politics major and summer intern for Speaker of the House John Boehner

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Joel Bauman singing into a mic.

Joel Bauman '15

Hersheypark entertainer, third place finisher in national vocal competition

Even when up against fantastic vocal talent from across the nation, senior Joel Bauman ’15 stands out. His most recent gigs include the Choc-a-Fellas at Hersheypark and a third place finish in a Hal Leonard music competition.

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Jeffrey Stiles, smiling toward the camera.

Jeffrey Stiles '16

Double major in politics and Chinese studies; minor in Spanish

His interest in Chinese language started with a Pink Panther scene and now Jeffrey Stiles ‘16—recipient of a prestigious Boren Scholarship—will experience Chinese culture and language firsthand when studying Mandarin at Shanghai International Studies University.

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Duncan Hughes preparing to board a jet.

Duncan Hughes '92

Flight surgeon now works for Pentagon, providing pilot care and policy

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Joanna Barnhouse smiling.

Joanna Barnhouse '11

Alum balances office life with grad life — both at Messiah

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Andrew Tucker wearing a life vest.

Andrew Tucker '04

Environmental science alum protects the U.S. Great Lakes from harmful, foreign aquatic invasive species

As the Aquatic Invasive Species Applied Ecologist for The Nature Conservancy’s Great Lakes Project, environmental science grad Andrew Tucker ’04 protects the U.S. Great Lakes from harmful, foreign aquatic invasive species. By determining how to stop aquatic invasive species (AIS) from entering the Great Lakes, detecting the AIS’s previous introductory locations to prevent their spread, and controlling established AIS to minimize their impacts on the ecosystem, Tucker uses his Messiah College education to save the world one Great Lake at a time.

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Kay See Tan

Kay See Tan '08

Alumna hired at Sloan Kettering immediately after graduation

Arriving in the U.S. from Malaysia 10 years ago, Kay See Tan ’08 has always had a passion for serving others. Now an assistant attending biostatistician at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the premier cancer treatment and research institution in the country, she first heard about biostatistics as an undergraduate at Messiah College.

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Nathaniel Jenkins smiling toward the camera.

Nathaniel Jenkins '11

Ph.D. candidate, exercise physiology and nutrition, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Internships with professional sports organizations, serious undergraduate research, faithful reading of research journals and personal drive propel Nathaniel Jenkins ’11 to national scholarships, competitive fellowships and doctoral work in exercise physiology.

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David Pettegrew looking through a theodolite

David Pettegrew

From leading archaeological digs in Cyprus, to digital mapping projects in Harrisburg, history professor works to uncover local histories.

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Fabrizio Cilento

Fabrizio Cilento

Film professor publishes article about Zapruder film, a video of the JFK assassination, in Slovenian journal

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Alison Noble wearing a lab goggle in a chemistry lab.

Alison Noble

Associate professor of chemistry and three-time recipient of a National Science Foundation grant partnership

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Linda Tedford holding a conducting baton.

Linda Tedford

Director of Choral Activities and Artist-in-Residence

Award-winning choirs, professional recordings, performances throughout Europe and a strong partnership with the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra—Linda Tedford strives to equip students with the skills to excel in the choral art.

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Jared Daubert holding a conducting baton.

Jared Daubert

The joy of creating music

Co-Director of Bands at Conestoga Valley doesn’t want his students to just play music; he wants them to share in the joy of creating it. Daubert is a master’s in wind conducting graduate student at Messiah College and is co-director of bands at Conestoga Valley High School and Middle School. 

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Laura Dahl in a cave filled with water.

Laura Dahl '11

 Adventure education alum Laura Dahl '11 uses her passion for “adventure” and “education” to influence other people’s lives.

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