Courses and Curriculum

Master of Occupational Therapy courses and curriculum

Messiah University’s occupational therapy program prepares entry-level practitioners who are competent in health care delivery and evidence-based practice, and who are committed to compassionate, ethical and culturally relevant service and leadership. It is a full-time, 80-credit program.

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MOT courses and sequence

Late summer

OCCU 501 Foundations of OT
OCCU 505 Applied Anatomy
OCCU 505L Applied Anatomy Lab
OCCU 526 Analysis of Occupation


OCCU 509 OT Process and Practice
OCCU 524 Theoretical Perspectives in OT
OCCU 544 Therapeutic Techniques
OCCU 544L Therapeutic Techniques Lab
OCCU 553 Common Conditions in OT Practice
OCCU 555 Neurological Conditions in OT Practice
OCCU 555L Neurological Conditions in OT Practice Lab


OCCU 510 Evidence-Based Inquiry
OCCU 530 Research Methods and Design
OCCU 535 OT Process: Psychosocial Practice
OCCU 535L OT Process: Psychosocial Practice Lab
OCCU 562 Level I Fieldwork: Pediatric Practice
OCCU 565 OT Process: Pediatric Practice
OCCU 565L OT Process: Pediatric Practice Lab


OCCU 573 Health Promotion in OT: Community Interventions
OCCU 602 Level I Fieldwork: Adult Practice
OCCU 605 OT Process: Adult Practice
OCCU 605L OT Process: Adult Practice Lab
OCCU 615 Adaptations & Assistive Technology
OCCU 615L Adaptations & Assistive Technology Lab


OCCU 572 Level I Fieldwork: Community Interventions
OCCU 620 Global, Cultural, and Spirituality Factors in OT
OCCU 623 Administration, Management & Leadership for Ethical OT Practice
OCCU 625 OT Process: Older Adult Practice
OCCU 625L OT Process: Older Adult Practice Lab
OCCU 630 Research Seminar


OCCU 622 Level II-A Fieldwork
OCCU 626 Advocacy, Policy, and Practice Trends in OT
OCCU 636 Enrichment Seminar


OCCU 632 Level II-B Fieldwork

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