Dining Services Team

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The Dining Services Team is here to assist the students with any concerns regarding meal plans, dining options and catered events.  Feel free to email or stop by our office which is located on the second floor of the Eisenhower Campus Center.  Please click on a team member's name to learn more about us!

The director provides servant leadership, vision and guidance to all departmental operations which includes the campus restaurants, catering services, concessions and vending. Mark is responsible for all aspects of the department resources, including budget planning, facilities development, employment expectations and performance, customer engagement, student and campus partnerships, as well as, fiscal efficiencies. "I am truly fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing team of Messiah University professionals!"

As a native of Chicago, an amazing town for great food and hospitality, Mark studied and worked with many of the greatest chefs in the city to achieve the proud distinction of Certified Executive Chef in 1992.  His passion for the culinary arts and excellence in customer care is as powerful today as it was over three decades ago!  A comment that he overheard on campus recently that he and his team accepted as an inspiring compliment was, "No one goes to the Union Café anymore, it's too busy!"

When not at Messiah University , you will most likely find Mark on the water boating and fishing with his family or on an offshore safety patrol with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, where he serves as a volunteer.

For as long as he can remember, Percell has always had a passions for cooking and for the food service industry. His earliest cooking experiences were at home, cooking Sunday dinners with his mother for a family of eight.  After high school, he attended culinary school at the Chesapeake Job Corps Center in Port Deposit, Maryland. He then went on to complete his culinary externship in North Carolina.  In 1983, he traveled to Tampa, Florida to work for a large hotel chain, which was a great experience and contributed to his early professional growth. Percell returned to the Harrisburg area to work in various restaurants and hotels.

Percell has worked for Messiah University for over 20 years where he is currently the Executive Chef of Dining Services.  He also serves as the Regional Chair and the National Co-Chair for the National Association of College & University Food Services (NACUFS). It is an honor to lead an exceptional culinary team at Messiah University, and it is his pleasure to be part of a Dining Services Department that shares the mission to uphold the highest quality standards.
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"I think of the Production/Purchasing Manager position as kind of like a 'Food Traffic Controller'.  Many different items coming from many different places, going for many different people and many different destinations."

The backbone of Dining Services Production/Purchasing is the software program, CBord.  This system is used by Doug to enter food and non-food items (equipment, supplies).  CBord is also used to create recipes and menus, enter invoices, run inventories, maintain nutritional information, create orders, run reports, and track customer counts, to name a few.  When not working on recipes or menus, Doug is researching new products, working with our nutritionist, submitting work orders, and working on other tasks. He has been an advocate for local produce from the campus garden and purchases it whenever it is available.

Doug has served in the food service industry since high school in many different settings.  While receiving his BSE in French from Millersville University, he lived for a year in Montpellier, France where he not only studied, but was able to expand his culinary knowledge.  One of Doug's career highlights includes being hired by a catering company to work as the Food & Beverage Coordinator and Dressing Room Assistant Manager for U2.  He held this position for three tours, traveling throughout North America and Europe.

When not at work, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, coaching softball and baseball, and doing anything outdoors at any time of the year!
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Since Kenji’s mother is a chef, he learned how to scramble an egg before he stepped foot into kindergarten.  He has grown up in and around commercial kitchens and food service.  All through his middle & high school life he had worked for restaurants and a small catering company.  He continued to work as caterer after school as he dived fully into the service industry as a full-time banquet captain for Barley Loaves & Fishes Catering.  After his wife was contracted as a first-grade teacher in Carlisle, he moved from Philly to Dillsburg without a moment’s hesitation. 

Kenji has worked for Messiah University since 2015 where he is currently the Manager of Two Bridges Catering.  He also serves in MU’s Young Professionals of Color and as an ambassador for Dining in the Inclusive Excellence program. Kenji continues to love his work and couldn’t do it without the outstanding group of managers and employees that Dining has assembled.

Todd Christopher is the Manager of Lottie Nelson Dining Hall. His responsibilities include scheduling, quality control, employee and customer engagement, and serving as a mentor leader for the restaurant and the Messiah Community.

Son of an Army officer, Todd and his family moved often to various locations in the United States and Europe during his upbringing. Todd graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelors Degree in Recording Industry Production and Technology with minors in Marketing and Mass Communications.  An avid fan of all that is music, Todd is an enthusiastic record collector and produces music in his home studio.
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Andrew White was inspired by his Hawaiian/Portuguese grandfather and southern grandmother at a young age. Watching them cook multicultural foods motivated him to pursue a culinary career. While in college, White worked under Chef Anderson at a private members club in Lancaster, PA. He had a big impact on White’s life by inspiring him to be the man he is today.

Before working at Messiah University, White helped open a well-loved seafood restaurant in Hershey, PA. He has also worked in many other dining service establishments such as pizza shops, an academy, and fresh seafood restaurants along the Chesapeake Bay where he grew up. White also helps run the family’s ice cream shop in Carlisle.

White started at Messiah University in 2010 working in Lottie Nelson Dining Hall. He currently is the Restaurant Manager at the Union Café. Throughout his career, Drew has competed for Messiah Dining Services many times. He has won two medals and finished second place in a cooking competition!

When Drew is not at work you can find him doing anything in the outdoors. He loves to hike, fish, hunt, and spend time with his beautiful wife and daughter.
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In 2018, Tim was hired as Manager of The Falcon at Messiah University. The Falcon provides students and staff a place to gather while providing fresh wholesome breakfast and lunch options, along with a coffee bar and grab-n-go items. As the manager, Tim is responsible for the daily operations of the unit. These duties include overseeing food preparation in a safe clean environment, the serving of high-quality food in a friendly atmosphere and supervising student workers, which comprises 99% of the staff. 

Tim began his foodservice career in high school working part-time at a fast-food restaurant. After graduating from Central Penn College, Tim managed several retail and restaurant establishments. Before coming to Messiah University, Tim was a general manager at a local steak and seafood restaurant.  

When not at The Falcon, you'll find Tim enjoying time with his children (who happen to be twins). You can also catch him camping and boating at Raystown Lake or watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and Penn State Nittany Lion football.
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The business manager in dining services is responsible for many of the fiscal aspects of the department including invoicing, payroll, cash handling, tickets, assisting with budget planning and special projects.  Contributing to customer engagement events is also a highlight of the job along with supporting various software applications for the department.

Originally from Ohio, Heather has been able to apply many of the skills acquired from her previous jobs to her current role at Messiah.  From jobs that required superior customer service to behind-the-scenes organization, she feels her professional experiences have prepared her well for this position in dining services.  One of her most memorable jobs prior to coming to Messiah was when she worked at an “aquatic-themed” park in Ohio.

Family, reading, sports and the beach are favorites in her spare time.  Vacationing at the beach with family while remotely watching the Cleveland Browns is Heather’s ideal day!
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