Student Employment

Dining Services Student Employees

Thank you for inquiring about a student job in Dining Services.  We employ students in Lottie Nelson, Union Café, The Falcon, Café Diem and Catering.

  • Lottie Nelson Dining is located on the upper level of Eisenhower Campus Center
  • The Union Café is located in Larsen Student Union Building
  • The Falcon is located on the lower level of Eisenhower Campus Center
  • Café Diem is located on the upper level of Murray Library
  • Catering is based out of Eisenhower Campus Center but serves all of campus

Please select the location from one of the listed restaurants above. You will be directed to the listed job position detail page and application.  Note:  Café Diem workers are scheduled through the Union Café.  Only students who have previously worked coffee and register at least a semester are able to be scheduled at Café Diem.

Questions?  Send an email to Dining Services at