Travel Expense Reimbursements

It is often necessary for University personnel to travel away from home for several days or weeks for University-related purposes. To cover anticipated out-of-pocket expenses while traveling, employees should charge expenses to his or her Messiah University Visa Purchasing Card (P-Card) or obtain a travel advance from the University before the trip.

Travelers who have been issued a Purchasing Card should use it for hotel, restaurant, rental car and other expenses whenever possible. If an employee must use personal funds, the University will reimburse the traveler for reasonable expenses after travel has been completed.  Requests for reimbursement are made through One$ource and must be submitted with itemized receipts.  Refer to the Employee Reimbursements section of the Accounts Payable website for instructions.

Employees should review the Messiah University Expenditure Policy, Sections 6 and 7, which cover specific policies related to travel.