Child Life

child life

Interested in Child Life?

Child Life supports children and families in stressful or traumatic situations to help them cope with illness, injury, disability, and hospitalization.  Certified Child Life Specialists are educated and clinically trained to engage in play therapy with children, mentally and psychologically prepare children and their families for procedures, and help the family system deal with feelings of fear and anxiety. Child Life Specialists work alongside doctors, nurses, and social workers to keep life as normal as possible for the child and the family.

A Human Development & Family Science degree with a focus on Child Life equips you with a strong background in child development and family organization to excel in your pursuit to work with children and families in healthcare and community settings. At the end of the program, you will be prepared to compete for placement in Child Life Internships and pursue your certification through the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP).

Required Coursework:

HDFS 361        Intro. To Child Life

HDFS 362        Child Life Field Experience

HDFS 210        Child Development

HDFS 311        Adolescent Development

HDFS 339        Dynamics of Family


HDFS 320        Play and Development

HDFS 210        Death, Grief, and Caring

HDFS 272        Intro to Social Research

BIO 185           Anatomy & Physiology

HDFS 386        Family Ethnicity & Human Services

ATED 203        Medical Terminology