Campus photography adaptations for COVID-19

Due to Messiah’s COVID mitigation measures during the fall semester, the Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) will be minimizing the amount of on-campus videography and photography that it would normally conduct during the fall semester. While classes are in session, OMC will not be bringing off-campus photographers to campus during the fall semester due to COVID-19 protocols. To help reduce the amount of off-campus individuals who would be coming to campus this fall, we also ask that other offices and departments do the same. 

  • OMC continues to provide the photography service of taking employee headshots and group shots of faculty and staff for campus communications. However, this will occur on a more limited basis during the fall semester. Requests may be directed to Until further notice, the following protocols will be in place:
    • No group photos are permitted (does not allow for social distance)
    • Photos must be taken outdoors
    • Photographer will wear a mask and stay six feet away at all times
    • Photo subjects will wear a mask at all times; masks may be removed for the photo and then placed immediately back on.
    • Photo subjects will stay at least six feet away from each other at all times.

Any questions may be directed to Carla Gross, executive director of marketing and communications, at

Regular photo procedures for Marketing and Communications (will return to these processes following COVID-19) 

The Office of Marketing and Communication (OMC) primarily uses a mix of professional and student photographers for the photography it uses to create student recruitment marketing communications and editorial-specific photography for the Bridge alumni magazine and the other institutional news channels for which it is responsible. 

Because OMC is not resourced with a staff photographer, it is unable to support photography requests from campus departments or offices for their individual programs or events.

However, departments who would like to arrange student or professional photography for their department-specific events may do so by scheduling and providing payment for those services directly with the photographer. To request a list of student and professional photographers that the University has used successfully for past events, please email

Campus photography services provided by OMC:

  • OMC continues to provide the photography service of taking employee headshots and group shots of faculty and staff for campus communications. This service is scheduled at multiple points throughout the year, and campus will be notified of these dates via the Intercom and mass email.
  • OMC will continue to provide photography coverage for annual milestone events in the life of the University such as Welcome Week, Homecoming and Commencement (as these photos are used in the Bridge, social media and other OMC communications).
  • Additionally, OMC’s professional photography and image library will continue to be made available for campus’ use in their own communications via the Cumulus digital image archive.

Any questions regarding campus photography services may be directed to Creative Director Nancy Soulliard a or ext. 2294.