Marketing and Communications Video

YoutubeThe Marketing and Communications team coordinates video production related to the projects our office directly manages, primarily related to undergraduate and graduate student recruitment. You may view those videos on Messiah's promotional YouTube channel. However, our department is not currently resourced to provide broader campus video production services.

Campus video production

The University does provide video production support for academic and curricular video needs through Educational Technology Services (ETS). Please submit requests using the ETS Media Production Request Form. The production of all other promotional and non-curricular videos is coordinated and funded by individual university offices, departments and programs. If you would like to request the hosting of a video on Messiah’s promotional  YouTube channel that your campus office or department has produced, please review the below criteria and procedures. 

The Messiah University YouTube Channel


Messiah University’s official YouTube channel was launched by the Office of Marketing and Communications (OMC) in 2010 to host the videos the OMC team produced to strategically communicate the story, brand and distinctive programs of Messiah to prospective students and their families (i.e. branding and academic program videos). Over time, OMC expanded the use of Messiah’s YouTube channel to host videos it created that may be of interest to current students and their families, employees and alumni (i.e., Commencement videos, Community Day year-in-review videos). While OMC currently produces a limited number of videos that serve key marketing communication clients, goals and initiatives at Messiah, it does not manage broader video production for campus clients. However, over the past decade, OMC has opened up Messiah’s YouTube channel to house some videos that are produced outside OMC and that meet certain criteria.

It is important to note that OMC reserves the right to determine which videos are hosted on Messiah’s channel.

Criteria for consideration to host a video on Messiah’s YouTube channel

For the Office of Marketing and Communications to consider requests to host a video on the University’s institutional YouTube channel, the following criteria must be met:

  • The video has promotional value for prospective students or serves to meet the goal of a key campus initiative for other stakeholder groups such as current students, parents, alumni, donors and friends.
  • High-quality production value (well-lit; crisp, clear sound; not blurry). If music is used, the creator must have a valid license to use it.
  • Uses the correct institutional logos and branding, according to Messiah’s Visual Identity Guide.
  • Client must provide a title for the video, a 2-3 sentence description, and information about who produced the video (i.e., “Produced by the Office of Marketing and Communications”) and any specific keywords they want included.
  • You must provide your video in the following format(s): high-resolution .mp4 or .mov
  • Along with the video file, client must provide the closed captioning file, also known as an .SRT file
    • An .SRT file may be purchased through The process is very quick and inexpensive (about $1.25 per minute of video). On, choose Captions > Get started > Upload files. Checkout using your Messiah-issued P-Card. The .SRT file will be emailed to the address you provide.
    • Note: Providing the SRT file is a required step for requesting OMC to host your video. This is needed to ensure compliance with both ADA and YouTube’s own closed captioning requirements.
  • In conjunction with the University’s Inclusive Communication protocol, the video must integrate Messiah’s commitment to inclusive excellence so that a diverse range of people can see themselves as part of Messiah’s Christian educational community.
  • The video should be as short as possible, but generally no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Appropriate safety protocols—such as OSHA-related, COVID mitigation, etc.—should be followed in the video, as appropriate.

Request timeline and process

Once all of the above parameters are met, you must provide at least 3-5 days lead time for your request so that OMC staff has ample time to review and upload the video. Requests and questions may be sent to and