Minimum Requirements for Messiah College Web Sites

Basic College template consisting of:
  • Standard institutional global navigation
  • Messiah logo in upper left corner of header
  • Minimum set of basic institutional keywords
  • College footer
  • Standard 900-pixel width
  • Preset fonts- including colors, sizes, and styles
  • Standard width left and right navigation bars

Adherence to minimum web standards which includes:

  • Adherence to:  the policies, procedures and standards of the College’s Department of Information and Technology Services (ITS)
  • All relevant local, state and federal laws
  • The College’s community covenant
  • W3C standards (World Wide Web Consortium - the main international standards organization for the World Wide Web, abbreviated WWW or W3)
  • Compliance with accessibility guidelines

Hosting on

  • Unless a compelling rationale has been presented to and a special exception has been granted by the web team and the director of print and web communications, all Messiah College websites must use the domain and be hosted on Messiah College's servers.