Exploration of internship or practicum

According to the Messiah University Internship Center, internships and practica can help you "sharpen your skills, begin a network of employer contacts, assess your strengths, and test classroom theories in real world settings. There will never be a better time in your life to explore the varied challenges and opportunities available." For more information or resources on how to secure an internship visit the Internship Program webpage.

Student Internship experience videos:

Some Internship Placements that students in our department have obtained include:

  • Activities Assistant (Messiah Village)
  • Eating Disorder Counselor (Big Brother/Big Sister)
  • Case Work Intern (Children’s Playroom)
  • Child Life Specialist ( Polyclinic Hospital)
  • Family Life Educator (Hospice of Central PA)
  • State Correctional Counselor (Capital Pavilion)
  • Teacher ( Kindercare Learning Center)
  • Adoption/Foster Care (Kids Peace National Center/Bair Foundation)
  • Children’s Counseling (United Methodist Home for Children)
  • Children’s Programming (Perry County Teen Pregnancy Prevention Task)
  • Gerontologist (Country Meadows of West Shore)
  • Therapeutic Support Staff (Edgewater Children’s Services)
  • Pastoral Intern (Colonial Park United Methodist Church)
  • Senior Center Coordinator (Area Agency of Aging)
  • Social Worker ( Claremont Nursing & Rehab Center)
  • Counseling (PhilHaven, Harrisburg Community Corrections, CONTACT Helpline)