List of entry level positions

Entry level positions

The Messiah University Career Center conducts post-graduation surveys with our graduates six to ten months after graduation. What follows is the information that our department has been provided as a result of the information gathered from those surveys.

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Other Potential Jobs

Seminary Student, Graduate Student in Marriage and Family Therapy, Family Studies, Child Development/Psychology, Adult Development, Gerontology, Social Work, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology or Guidance Counseling, Parenting Lesson Instructor, Family Mediator, Family Life Extension Agent, Formal Teaching, Community Education, Curriculum and Resource Development, Health Care, Military Family Support, Counseling, Ministry, Advocate/Lobbyist, Director of Social Service Agency.

"I am only a week into my new job and I couldn’t ask to be more equipped/prepared as a Bachelor’s level for this job. All thanks to my HDFS courses especially Dynamics, because we use genograms, ecomaps, and timelines for all our families and structural maps".   Abby Page (HDFS '21)