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Course Equivalency Database

Course equivalencies for Messiah-approved off-campus study programs are listed on the Registrar's website. This is the most up-to-date information about what courses have previously been approved for either major or general education requirements. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THESE COURSES WILL BE OFFERED EACH SEMESTER.

Note from the Office of the Registrar: The general education requirement for Ethics, Worldviews, Pluralism and Science Tech and the World, integrates a Christian perspective in the course content. As a result, these requirements are satisfied only when taken at Messiah University or a comparable Christian college or university. Similar courses taught at secular institutions, public and private, will not fulfill the general education requirement.

  • Students should still review their course options with their advisors
  • Students should still complete an “Off-Campus Study Course Approval Form” by the Terra Dotta deadline date

How to Search for Courses

  • Go to the Course Equivalency Database
  • Look for “Detailed School Name Search” at the bottom of the page. Enter the word* listed below for your program
  • Hit the button that indicates “contains”

Program Search Name

 American Business School Paris  Paris
Au Sable Institute for Environmental Studies Au Sable
Catholic University of Paris Paris
International Business Institute none
Jerusalem University College Jerusalem
LCC International University LCC
London Internship Program London
Middle East Studies Program Middle East
National Outdoor Leadership School none
O'Neill National Theater Institute O'Neill
Oregon Extension Oregon Extension
Orvieto Semester Orvieto
Oxford Study Abroad Program Oxford
Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso Chile
Scholar's Semester in Oxford Scholar
Temple Rome Rome
The Sorbonne Sorbonne
Uganda Studies Program Uganda
University of Granada Granada  
Veritas: Chile  
Veritas: Paris