Deferred Enrollment for Undergraduates

Deferred Enrollment for Undergraduate Admissions

Deferred Enrollment Policy 

Application for first-year and transfer admission to Messiah University is limited to the semester indicated on the student’s application. However, sometimes after a student is admitted to Messiah University unique opportunities or personal circumstances may arise that prompt students to consider delaying their start by one or two semesters. If an accepted student's plans change, the student may defer enrollment for up to two semesters from the initial semester of admission. 

Accepted first-year and transfer students who intend to defer will be required to submit a $200 deposit to secure their enrollment for the future semester in which they plan to enroll. They will also be required to complete a Deferment Form to provide details about their planned deferral and verify the terms and conditions under which Messiah University will defer enrollment. 

Deferred enrollment is when an admitted student intends to matriculate at Messiah University, but decides to delay his or her start date by a semester or two.  Students who defer enrollment do not need to submit another application for admission.

In order to request to defer your enrollment at Messiah University, students must:

  • Complete the Reply to Offer of Admission form available on your Admissions Status Page. When completing the electronic form, first let us know that you will not be attending Messiah at this time. After you make this initial selection related to your plans, you'll see a form question asking you about your primary reason for not attending Messiah at this time. For this question, be sure to select that you are planning to officially defer my admission to Messiah for up to one year.
  • Complete the Deferment Form to finalize details of your deferral period. This form will be emailed to you after you complete your Reply to Offer of Admission. 
  • Submit a $200 non-refundable enrollment deposit. This deposit will hold your space and registration for the entrance term in which you plan to officially enroll.
  • If you have not already done so, please submit your final high school transcript when it becomes available. Be sure to check your Admissions Status Page for any other outstanding items.

If you are deferring for one semester within the same academic year and you have completed verification and your financial aid packet is final, you will not have to file for need-based aid again. The second half of your need-based aid package will be applied to the spring semester. Note that if you have only received an estimated award you will need to provide necessary documents in order to finalize the financial aid package. 

If you are deferring for two semesters you will need to resubmit financial aid forms for the next academic year. In most cases unless family circumstances have changed significantly, students can expect a financial aid package that is similar to the package they received when they were originally admitted.

Messiah shall agree to hold any earned merit scholarship(s) for up to one year. The actual cash value amount of any merit scholarship awarded to the student will equal the amount of that same level award as determined for the year of the student’s actual enrollment.

When students complete the Deferment form there are terms and conditions they agree to abide by when they do so. 

1.    Student may defer enrollment for up to one year after acceptance of admission.  Messiah shall agree to hold admission acceptance and any earned merit scholarship(s) for up to one year. 

2.    Student will submit a nonrefundable $200 deposit that will be applied to the term in which the student ultimately enrolls at Messiah when all other terms & conditions for deferring are met.

3.    Student may enroll mid-year when feasible with program of study’s [major] curriculum plan.

4.    The actual cash value amount of any merit scholarship awarded to the student will equal the amount of that same level award as determined for the year of the student’s actual enrollment.

5.    Students who are admitted as first-years may not earn 12 or more college credits during the period of deferment.  If so, the student’s admission status will change to transfer status and student forfeits rights to scholarship.

6.    Students who earned college credit via dual enrollment during high school will not be regarded as transfer status and will remain eligible for first year student status and merit scholarship privileges.

7.    Messiah reserves the right to review and if necessary remove any award status and/or admission privileges for any deferred student if student violates terms and conditions of this agreement, commits an illegal act, and/or acts in a manner not consistent with the Messiah University Community Covenant during the period of deferment. 

8.    Messiah reserves the right to deny deferment and will communicate reason for denial of deferment to the student. 

If your contact information changes during the deferment period, contact

Contact your admissions counselor for additional assistance with your questions or call 800-233-4220.