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Study Abroad

FAQs - Study Abroad

Faith Minnich is director of the Intercultural Office at Messiah College, which houses international student programs, multicultural programs and off-campus programs. She loves learning about and engaging other cultures and is passionate about helping students do the same! Some of her favorite experiences abroad include snorkeling in the Galapagos Islands, caving in Nicaragua, hiking the Swiss Alps, going on safari in Botswana, visiting the temples of Northern Thailand and roaming the streets of London, Paris and Rome. She believes deeply in the transformative learning possible while exploring the globe and works to provide diverse, meaningful opportunities for students to engage the world as reconcilers and servant leaders, both at home and abroad, through her work in the Intercultural Office at Messiah. Faith answers a few of the most commonly asked questions about study abroad.

What's so great about Messiah's study abroad programs?
What if I don’t want to take a class abroad but still want to travel?
But isn't study abroad for students who major in foreign languages or international business?
Don't I need to speak another language to study abroad?
Choosing a program, registering for classes, getting a passport, making travel arrangements…it just sounds too confusing! How do I do all of this?
How can I hear about other students' experiences studying abroad?
I'm worried that I can't afford to study abroad. Isn't it expensive?
Will I be safe in another country?
What is the most challenging part of studying abroad?
How will study abroad influence me as a person?
What if I get there and just don't like it?