Special Interest Houses

Role Expectations and Accepted Member Forms

Role Expectations:

What are the expectations of each member of the houses?

  • Members meet with the ARD of SIH, and the SIH RA before classes begin and at the end of each semester.
  • Members must follow Messiah College policies & procedures, the Community Covenant, and the House Contract.
  • Applicants and members cannot be on any academic or disciplinary probations.
  • Members participate together in weekly house discussion groups and hands-on practice related to the theme of the house.
  • Members reflect on their experiences by submitting a 2-3 minute community video by February and a 150-350 word reflection paper by April.

What are the expectations of the house leaders?

  • House leaders must attend monthly meetings with their RA.
  • House leaders coordinate weekly house meetings/discussions.
  • House leaders coordinate monthly meetings with program advisor.
  • House leaders assist the program advisor with the housing application decisions as necessary.
  • House leaders communicate with RA for house maintenance issues (ie. Toilet paper, maintenance requests, general housing concerns). 
  • House leaders are responsible for communicating and updating RA about concerns and issues within house dynamics.

What are the expectations of the house advisors?

  • Advisors meet individually with respective house leader, selected from the house members, once a month.
  • Advisors regularly attends house meetings/visits when possible.
  • Advisors act as a resource and bridge between connected departments and houses.

Accepted Member Forms: