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Rafiki House

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Rafiki House


Mission Statement:

To provide a safe space where International, MK, TCK and American students can engage and experience the diversity of Messiah College with the spirit of friendship and belonging.

  • Engage: To share, hear, and respect a variety of cultural perspectives.
  • Experience: Exposure to diverse culture and customs.
  • Friendship: “Rafiki” = “Friend” in Swahili.
  • Belong: The Student’s Home Away From Home.

Goals and Learning Objectives:

  • To present a safe and engaging environment for individuals of all backgrounds(accepting all genders and ethnicities).
  • To make a strong effort to support and embrace a variety of cultures and people
  • To uphold the true meaning of the word “Rafiki” and serve as a Friend to those in need
  • To assist ISA MuKappa in performing outreach and providing a space for activities and service.
  • To partner with ISA/MuKappa and the Multicultural Council in hosting different events and programs promoting global engagement and understanding.


  • ISA/MuKappa Bible (Familia Fridays) study and prayer group during the academic calendar year
  • Partnering with the International Students Programs and Intercultural Office for activities such as picnics, welcome events and as an overall gathering place for all students.
  • ISA/MuKappa students activities that are open to the rest of the student body such as movies nights, game nights, Chai Chat & discussion, and prayer nights.
  • Additionally, other events such as Homecoming with Alumni attendance,a Fall Out Autumn Party, and a traditional Christmas American Holiday gathering are held at Rafiki to encourage a sense of continued fellowship with all students.
  • Other clubs affiliated with the Multicultural Council Clubs or even classes held on campus may also request to meet at Rafiki.

House Advisor: Amy Nicols