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MUHP Harbor House

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Harbor House



Greetings on behalf of the Harbor House, the Messiah University Honors Program’s new special interest house. We are a group of ten females passionate about making the most of our opportunities here in the honors program at Messiah University. We represent a safe and accepting place for starting conversations, asking tough questions, and brainstorming solutions. We know that a person cannot change the world alone, which is why we are also a place for hospitality, friendship, and growth. Moreover, we desire to keep each other accountable, whether it is reminding each other to prioritize our walks with God, stay focused on academics, or make time for fellowship and rest. Following Romans 12:1-3, we dedicate ourselves as living sacrifices while making the most of the gifts that God has given us. Knowing that our intellect comes from God and that receiving an education is a privilege, we strive to love Him and others while letting Him transform us into people of character. At the Harbor House, we believe that making a difference starts with conversation and companionship, and we hope you join us in this vision while sharing your zeal, stories, goals, gratitude, and ideas with us. 

Mission Statement:

The MUHP (Messiah University Honors Program) Harbor House commits to providing an environment for conversation, connection, camaraderie, and comfort.

  • Conversation: foster honest, meaningful, intellectual discussions
  • Connection: create a closer community amongst honors students
  • Camaraderie: develop character-building friendships, anchored in accountability 
  • Comfort: extend hospitality in a safe, peaceful, house of couches 

Goals and Learning Objectives:

  • Promoting intellectual conversations
  • Creating connections
  • Providing hospitality to all
  • Fostering friendship, accountability, and sharpening character 
  • Providing a space of peace, safety, and acceptance


  • The house will host monthly tea/coffee discussions on various topics led by a member of the Honors Leadership Council. These will be to promote intellectual conversations.  
  • The house will provide open-house study sessions every Monday for a couple hours. MUHP students can utilize the up and downstairs living room spaces for either group or individual studying. 
  • The house will host monthly recreation events for MUHP students in order to provide an opportunity for bonding and connection.  

Images of the Harbor House

House Advisors: James LaGrand and Olivia Swarner