Move-in details

Move-in details for Messiah University students

New & Transfer students are following deignated guidelines via email to arrive on campus safely and enjoy Orientation at Messiah University.

Check-in Locations - Times and locations are listed here.

Move in Guide - some basic information about your room and the details you'll want to know about living on-campus.

Welcome Week - an overview of the schedule of orientation week.

Early Arrivals - if you need to return to campus for a college related reason before August 22 please fill out the early arrival form by July 15, 2021. If you are a fall college athlete you do not need to submit the early arrival form.

Local Shopping - this is a handy guide of local restaurants and stores in you get here and find that there are still a few things you need for your room.

FAQs - this gives you more specifics about common questions incoming students have.