Study Abroad

HDFS students study abroad experiences

Allen’s Semester in Rome

  • Studied at Rome’s Temple University Campus , Spring 2012
  • 13 Credits – Covered General Education Requirements and fulfilled his Cross Cultural Requirement
  • Allen was enrolled in the following classes: Digital Photography, History of the Papacy, Romans and their Literature, and Italian
  • Allen really enjoyed his experience in the beautiful city of Rome.  The traveling and exploring aspects of the trip were definitely the highlight.  At the close of his trip, Allen was privileged to spend 2 months traveling around Europe by train where he was able to visit 15 countries. During the semester, he visited beautiful churches in Rome, utilized his Italian to interact with locals, and spent Easter at Vatican City with the Pope.
  • Another high point of Allen's trip was his Spring break experience in Tunisia.  He, 25 students, and 2 professors were formally welcomed to Tunisia by the minister of foreign affairs.  As they traveled around Tunisia, they were featured on television and in newspapers.

Stephanie's immersion in Thailand:

  • Studied at Chiang Mai University, Spring of 2011
  • 18 Credits - Covered several General Education Requirements and fulfilled the cross-cultural requirement
  • In the Cross Cultural Courses, she learned about the Thai people.  She lived with a Thai family where she learned about their life in an up close and personal way.
  • She also interned at a school teaching English to 3rd grade students from the slums.
  • Her last few weeks in Thailand were spent living in a village in the mountains.  Stephanie notes that the people who resided there were the most loving people she had ever met.  The Lahu and Karen people opened their homes and hearts to the Study Abroad group.  They taught them about the traditional ways, and encouraged Stephanie and the other Study Abroad students to participate with them in their daily activities.
"I was given the opportunity to experience first-hand what life was like, living with the Thai people. I was able to see how their lives are shaped by their culture and the Buddhist religion. A book would not have done it justice; I was able to taste, smell, touch, hear, and see Thailand. This was the chance of a lifetime! I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Paul's journey to Thailand:

  • Studied at Chiang Mai University, Spring 2011
  • 20 Credits - Covered several general education courses and fulfilled the cross-cultural requirement
  • Paul was enrolled in the following classes: Written Thai 4, Speaking Thai, Culture and Religion, and Nothern Thai Art
  • He also participated in an internship at a Juvenile Detention Center.
"Thailand destroyed my perception of expectations. While I still expect many things to happen in my life, I am much more aware of letting anything that happens be a teaching experience. Every person, child, face or even elephant has the capacity to change your life so you can be a better person."

Megan's excursions to Kenya and Greece:

Megan is a Family and Consumer Science Education major.   Although her major is fairly demanding and her class schedule wasn't very flexible, Megan was passionate about her desire to study abroad and found a way to make it work not only once, but twice!


  • Megan's first trip was a May term cross cultural to Kenya with Professor Mbito.
  • 3 Credits - fulfilled her Cross Cultural Requirement
  • While in Kenya, the group studied family dynamics and observed at several schools.  Megan stayed with a host family for about a week while she was in Kenya. 
"We were able to stay with a host family for about a week which has been one of the best experiences of my life! I loved my host family and still talk with them often. It was really interesting seeing how they live compared to the way that we live here. It really opens your eyes to some things and makes you grateful for what you have."


  • Studied at City University, Fall 2011
  • 16 Credits - She fulfilled many of her General Education Requirements, including three language courses in one semester!
  • Megan lived with a few other students in an apartment.  She was responsible for making her own food, cleaning her apartment and bathroom, supplying her own basic needs like toilet paper, and budgeting her own money.
"It was different from the life I was used to, but it really put experience under my belt. I loved feeling free and like I was in the 'Real World'. To me it was like a test run before what will happen after graduation. I would recommend it to anyone!"

Alyssa's Adventure in New Zealand:

  • Studied with the Creation Care Study Program, Spring 2010 
  • 15 Credits - fulfilled general education and cross-cultural requirements
  • Alyssa was enrolled in the following classes:  Introduction to Sustainable Community Development (Elective), New Zealand Ecosystems (Science, Tech, and The World), God and Nature (Theology), Environmental Literature (Elective), Third Language (Gen. Ed.).
  • While in New Zealand, Alyssa participated in a home-stay experience with a local New Zealand couple, learned the traditions and values of the native people of New Zealand "The Maori's", surfed the Pacific Ocean's waves, swam with over fifty seals and her other ten co-students, hiked a 5,255.9ft mountain, went whale watching with her favorite Captain Lisa Bond (the student's house mom), took a two-week road trip around New Zealand's South Island during spring break, ate all the fish in chips she could get ahold of, and made long lasting friendships with native "Kiwi's" that she still remains in touch with today. 
"Studying abroad in New Zealand was by far the best decision I have ever made for myself. It not only made my faith and self stronger, but it also provided me with such a rare opportunity to see, study, and engage in the world around me. Studying abroad was such a rewarding and life changing experience that I would not trade for the world!"