Social & Professional Networking

MCFR (Messiah Council on Family Relations)

MCFR, a professional student organization affiliated with the National Council on Family Relations, strives to provide opportunities for family-oriented educational, social, and service-based activities.  By joining together with the common purpose of preparing ourselves to better serve families, MCFR fosters a sense of identity and enhances professional development among students and faculty interested in family related issues. For more information e-mail, or check out the MCFR webpage. 


Department / MCFR Activities

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The department and/or MCFR host various activities throughout the year that not only further the mission of the department and/or MCFR, but also provide a wonderful time for socializing with other department majors, minors, and faculty members. Check the department calendar for specific events.

Alumni Career Panels

Each semester our Department presents themed panel presentations and career discussions for alternate chapel credit. Department graduates share about their jobs, how the HDFS Department programs prepared them for this career, and how their faith interfaces with their work. For the specific dates, times, and places, check the department calendar.

Conference Attendance

The following conferences are those that family science faculty and students have the opportunity to attend this year. For more information contact Dr. Raeann Hamon, Department Chair, or check out the related websites.


"Throughout my time at Messiah I have had a wonderful experience with the HDFS department. One continual highlight is the annual PAFCS conference that I've taken part in all four years at Messiah. This conference is a great networking and professional development opportunity." -'18 Graduate
"NCFR was my favorite memory as an HDFS student. I loved being with my peers at the conference and making memories." -'18 Graduate